Campaign Breakdown

Call of the netherdeep

Welcome to Xorhas

Welcome to Critical Role: Call of the Netherdeep. This campaign will include the starter campaign from The Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount – “Unwelcome Spirits”. This will be start you in the western swamps of Xorhas. Xorhas has recently made peace with the Dwendalian Empire, but tensions still exist.

The main adventure will move to Jigow, also in Xorhas where you will a festival will take place. During this festival you will meet a group who will be known as your “rivals”. You may choose to interact with them how ever your party wishes. 

You and your “rivals” have awakened a power entity that has long thought to be to destroyed. A mighty champion of the gods imprisoned and long forgotten. He now cries in despair for some heroes to save him,

What to expect

This adventure walks the line between optimistic heroism and the characters’ morally ambiguous dilemmas. 

This is a linear adventure. 

There will be opportunities to explore and there is a lot to discover, so being curious and engaged is important.



One of the two moons that hang in the sky above Exandria, this vermillion moon exhibits strange behavior seeming to glow more brightly at times or suddenly casting off its shadow to appear full. Superstition holds those born on a night when Ruidus is full are destined to bring suffering to others or to experience great tragedy in their own lives


A uniquely mobile settlement with its permanent dwellings built on the backs of dozens of horizonback tortoises, Urzin is home to swamp hunters, scouts, and trappers that know the Brokenveil Marsh like no one else. The most recent society to come under the wing of the Kryn Dynasty. The settlement rarely stays in one location for more than a month. 


This coastal settlement within the Kryn Dynasty is actually a string of villages home to a collection of folk from all over Xhorhas. Goblin and Orc clans founded Jigow which explains why the settlement is governed by two Elders – a goblin Elder and an Orc Elder. The Aurora Watch also maintains a presence here under Taskhand Durth Mirimm.


Kryn Dynasty

The Kryn Dynasty is the dominant nation in Xhorhas. It was founded by the drow queen Leylas Kryn, who fled the Underdark and the tyrannical rule of Lolth, the Spider Queen. Leylas Kryn, the Bright Queen, still rules the dynasty centuries later. The Aurora Watch is the military arm of the Kryn Dynasty.

The Luxon

The official deity of the Kryn Dynasty, whose symbol appears on the nation’s heraldry, is the Luxon. This mysterious divine entity of light and rebirth has granted the faithful several esoteric secrets, the greatest of which is consecution – the act of preparing one’s soul for rebirth. While the Luxon is the official deity, shrines to the Prime Deities are maintained.


The Hook

In the political absence of the champion chief of Urzin, Sunbreaker Olomon, the village’s proud and protective acting leader is Ogre Lord Buhfal II. Buhfal seeks to resolve the plight of the missing warlock, Bol’bara, which he worries will threaten the frail alliances among the village’s restless goblinoids. He and his advisors suspect the nearby imperial outpost at Fort Venture has something to do with Bol’bara’s fate. However, Buhfal knows that goblinoids advancing on Fort Venture will draw reprisals against Urzin, so he seeks an outside group who might more easily seek the warlock there and bring her back to help safeguard the settlement.


Trigger Warnings

Because of the nature of themes explored in this campaign, it will explore some things that might cause triggers for some players. Here is a list of those trigger warnings:

  • Body Horror
  • Abuse
  • Gore
  • Death
  • Drowning
  • PTSD
  • Violence
  • Character Death
  • Deep or Large Bodies of Water
  • Lifechanging Injury
  • Language/Cursing
  • Torture
  • Guns
  • Mind Control
  • Murder
  • Snakes
  • Spiders
  • Trauma
  • Blood
  • Illness
  • Mass Death
  • Suffocation
  • Warfare

It is assumed that you are okay with these trigger warnings if you are continuing with the campaign. If you find that mid way through you are not comfortable, below are some of the safety tools we will be using.

Safety TOols


Because the game may explore certain themes that might not be for everyone as the game progresses, there will be safety tools in place. Here are the tools.

X N O Card

We will be using a variation of the X card that allows someone to anonymously stop the game if you feel comfortable to clicking the X card symbol. The game will stop, without questions, and move on to the next scene.


At the end of each session we will have a debriefing. You can tell the group of the things that you think went well and things that could change or improved. 

Open Door

You will always be able to contact me through Discord, or StartPlaying of any concerns you have. This can also be used to help develop the story of your character and not just issues within the game. I do run multiple games during the week, so I will try to respond as fast as I can.



This story will start in the western region of Xorhos. It would make sense that your character has a backstory in or tied to Xorhas. Humans are nomadic and most elves are Drow who live above ground. Monstrous lineage are encouraged, since Xorhas has more “monster” lineages than dwarves or dragonborn. 

I encourage you to have a backstory  that relates to the story since we are all here to play the same game. It is also encouraged to tie your character with someone else’s.

When creating a backstory think of a “long” term goal and a mid-term goal. Think of the steps to get those accomplished. We will go over those goals in the session  0 and the one-on-one discussion before the game starts.

Information on Xorhas here (requires you joined DnDBeyond Campaign)


Character Creation

Character Creation will happen during Session 0. This way everyone knows who is doing what. It can also allow for players to create characters with relationships/backgrounds together. The following rules are below:

  • Start at Level 2
  • Use Point Buy
  • Warforged, Changelings, Shifters and other Eberron races aren’t necessarily banned, but  they are not intended for the world of Exandria.  Check with me before considering one of these lineages
  • All other lineages are fine.
  • If you plan on multi classing check with me so we can add story elements to make it happen
  • Critical Role content from Official Matt Mercer’s Homebrew, Taldorei Reborn and Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount are fine. 
  • Homebrew content MUST be run by me first. 


general Game Rules

  • PvP is NOT allowed and ONLY acceptable if it moves the story and both players consent to it (this includes stealing from some one or something similar)
  • Be respectful to one another
  • Do not request roll a check, instead role-play out what you want and if a check is required then the DM will request one.
  • Have fun! Enjoy yourself and take in the stories we are telling together.