Campaign Ideas July 2023

Call of the Netherdeep

This is an official Wizards of the Coast adventure set in the world of Exandria, aka the world of Critical Role.

You party is set to find out and trace the path of a mythic hero and free him from his timeless prison. Your party is not the only one as a adventuring party also has the same goal.

The tale begins in lands familiar to Critical Role fans—the war-scarred wastes of Xhorhas and the glimmering oasis city of Ank’Harel—but ultimately stretches beyond the Material Plane to a realm of lightless despair known as the Netherdeep.

The World of Critical Role

Sandbox vs Story Driven: Mostly Driven with some sandbox

Fantasy Level: High

Roleplay: Very High

Exploration: Medium

Politics: Some

Tactics: Medium

Lethality: Medium

Length: Medium (9 – 12 months)

Buy-in: This is a VERY HIGH character driven story, so role-play and interacting with the world is highly encouraged. Like mentioned above, this world is set int he world of Critical Role. The nice thing about this adventure is that it would take you to some of the areas seen on Critical Role.

This is a high fantasy world. There is a lot of lore you can draw from but at the same time open to home-brewing your own backstory. 

Note: This adventure begins in Xhorhas, where most humans are nomads; most elves are drow who live above ground; dwarves and halflings are rare; and goblinoids, orcs, lizardfolk, kobolds, and other creatures sometimes seen as “monstrous” elsewhere are more populous than gnomes and dragonborn. This means you can use monstrous races.

You can use content from most books with an exception to Eberron guide books. You can also use content from Tal’ Dorei Campaign Guide and Tal’ Dorei Campaign Guide Reborn. You can also use Matt Mercer’s home-brew content.

There is some world research to be had from the Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount

Monsters Among Us

Home-brew Campaign set in the existing world of Elloria on the continent of Arisia. The Order: Monsters Among Us is set up around the guild of monster hunters who have found that there has been a influx of monsters on the continent and must use their investigation skills to track down monsters and bring them down.

Monster Hunting Detectives

Sandbox vs Story Driven: Driven with room for sandboxing.

Fantasy Level: Low/Medium

Roleplay: Medium

Exploration: High

Politics: Some

Tactics: High

Lethality: High

Length: Long (12 – 18 Months)

Buy-in: If ever you wanted to play a detective like adventure this is for you. You would use problem solving and research to find out more about monsters that no one has ever heard or seen.

Note: Find a reason why your character is part of The Order, the group of monster hunters. If you are not part of The Order, why are you working for them? I suggest working with at least one other player on how your characters know each other.

You will be limited to characters races from Players Handbook. Humans are the main race of this land followed by dwarves and elves. Dwarves will face racism due to them being known as slavers.

Rules and spells are limited to up to Xanathar’s Guide to Everything.

War of Courts

You are a group of adventurers who heard about a tower that showed up out of nowhere. The tower is said to contain a lot of magical items, great loot for making your situation a bit richer/more powerful. 

Through exploring the tower, you find yourself teleported to a magical world with with vibrant colors and emotions. You must deal with noble society and the wackiness of this realm known as the Feywild.

A Home-brew Feywild Adventure

Sandbox vs Story Driven: Some Driven Elements with Sandboxing

Fantasy Level: Very High

Roleplay: High

Exploration: High

Politics: High

Tactics: Low/Medium

Lethality: Medium

Length: Long (12 – 18 Months)

Buy-in: The Feywild is a land of intense color that reflects its intense emotion. Everything is turned up to 11. Expect craziness and hijinks from a world who likes to use human as their form of entertainment.  

As the escapades play on, the group will find that the Feywild intertwines closely to the events that are unfolding in the world of Elloria and it’s fate.

Note: If you want to play a game where you want wackiness then this is the campaign. It will be filled with hijinks and mayhem.

Although this takes place in a high magical world, your characters are actually from a low magical region. So your characters are limited to PHB races. Also your characters will know each other. You have at least adventured together or known someone through a friend. 

Adventures in Legos

A group of individual meet in Legos to form a party to help explore their individual goals. They start with little skill and grow to become powerful adventurers as the continent of Arisia unravels into dangerous happenings.

An Arisia Sandbox

Sandbox vs Story Driven: Barely Driven, very character driven (sandboxie)

Fantasy Level: Low/Medium

Roleplay: High

Exploration: High

Politics: Medium/High

Tactics: Medium

Lethality: Medium

Length: Very Long (18+ months)

Buy-in: You will be limited to characters races from Players Handbook. Humans are the main race of this land followed by dwarves and elves. Dwarves will face racism due to them being known as slavers.

There is a possibility to for playing an exotic race as traders from other continents trade with Legos. 

Rules and spells are limited to up to Xanathar’s Guide to Everything.

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