Battle Royale

One-Shot Idea

Let's Get Ready to Rumble

You have been entered into the Battle Royale Arena. A tournament of the strongest adventurers. 

This is a PVP battle arena for level 12 player characters. Each character will buy their own gear before the battle and need enough money to open the loot boxes in the arena. 

Here is the link to the:
DnD Beyond Campaign
Forge VTT Campaign

Battle RoyalE Rules

Character Creation

  • Level 12
  • All races from official content available except races with fly speed
  • Custom lineage is okay
  • All classes and subclasses from official content 
  • Stats are Point Buy
  • Multi-class is okay
  • TCoE optional class features okay
  • Critical Role content allowed
  • Legacy races okay
  • Use D&D Beyond setting from image

Battle Royale Rules


  • All spells from official books allowed
  • TCoE additional spells are allowed
  • Spell components requiring cost are required
  • Must require a free hand to use somatic or component/spell focus unless feature removes requirement
  • Purchased spells scrolls in inventory can be written wizard’s spellbook without extra cost before Round 1 but after game starts

Battle RoyalE Rules

Arena Rules

  • There will  be loot boxes
  • You will get a description of what is in the loot box and it’s price to open
  • Most loot box items are consumables or limited use items
  • There will be Lair Actions 
  • Bonus action to use potions
  • Potions are not max healing like past campaigns
  • Beginning of each round initiative will be rerolled
  • Round 1 is a prep round
  • Round 1 is the “beginning of combat” (sorry Gloomstalkers and Assassins)

Battle Royale Rules


  • You have 3600 gp to buy equipment
  • You can purchase adventuring gear from PHB
  • You can purchased limited items from the approved magical items tables
  • Encumbrance rules apply
  • You may only have 3 weapons
  • Daggers and Javelins you can have up to 5 of but count as 1 weapon total/set
  • magical dagger/javelin sets count separately as non-magical sets
  • Same applies for sets of magical ammo as for magical daggers/javelins