Arisia is a mostly human continent that outlawed arcane magic unless authorized by faction approved by the Cowled Wizards. Divine magic is the preferred magic. The Dwarves are known for being slavers of mostly Elves that live in the woods and Orcs in the mountains. A recent civil war between Dwarves has occurred over slavery. A recent war that lasted 7 years just finished between Northal and Essis. The war allowed the independence of New Andorin from Northal, a region similar to Skyrim. Races outside of Humans, Elves or Dwarves are not treated equally amongst many of the humans. Dragons, once thought extinct, have been recently terrorizing certain parts of Arisia.

About Arisia

Arisia is the continent that is mostly inhabited by Humans. Arisia was created after “The Breaking” nearly 320 years ago, during the war against magic. Humans rebelled and focused on using magic of the divine and forsake arcane magic. The gods of Elves and other magical creatures wanted nothing to do with the humans and broke the world apart into separate lands. Arisia is where the majority of the humans live.

Map of Arisia with borders after the war between Essis and Northal

The REgions of Arisia

The regions of Arisia are broken up to five regions and one island. Each region has its own form of government. The regions are Crimean to the North West, Legos to the South West, Essis in the Central region, Northal to the North East and New Andorin to the south. The island of Ethad sits the south of Legos and Essis.


Crimean is a sits the North West area of Arisia. The region has snow capped mountains the north coasts to the west plains to the east and desert to the south. 

The capitol of Crimien is Xan Xu where the emporer resides. The emperor has warlords who rule each region with their renown warriors known as Samurai. The northern mountains hold the spiritual warriors known as monks. There a several monasteries that line the mountains each teaching their own style of martial arts.

Xan Xu is mostly an import and export city sending goods from all over Arisia and importing goods from other continents. Because of this the city is also rampant with criminal organizations all trying to grasp power from each other. The government / emperor usually turns a blind eye, until a criminal organization lead by tieflings tried to overthrow the government. Tieflings were thrown out of Xan Xu and Crimien, the once only home to tieflings on Arisia.


Essis is very rich in fertile lands. Because of this they have mastered different ways to plant different kinds of foods and raise different animals on it’s rancheros, even in their mountain ranges to the east. The lands to North is new to Essis and is mostly untapped and unexplored and is instead filled with roaming Orcs.

Essis’ main export is gold that it finds in the mountain ranges. it also exports it’s horses.

There was a recent war between Essis and Northal where Essis won new borders in the North. 

Essis uses a government of appointed representatives that discuss the politics of the Essis in the capitol of Essis City.

Essis City is the only place where magic is taught in Arisia. The Xanadu’s School for Adventurers is where people train in all sorts of skills.


Legos sits on the South West of Arisia. To the North is The Great Desert, plains to the south and coast to the west. An old war between Legos and Essis lead Legos to building a great navy. That navy has been used to create large shipping fleets that are ruled by the merchants of the regions.

Legos has no central government but instead a each region and city is ruled a merchant lord who oversees the economy and the health of it’s people.

Legos does not follow the many gods that the rest of Arisia, instead they worship one god they call God. They focus on community and safety to those who follow the one god. 

There are many different goods Legos has, most are not their own as they trade with all regions in Elloria. Because of this you can find tradesman and sailors from all walks of life in the coastal port cities.


Northal is the north of Arisia and extends to the east. It once was the largest region that once owned the fertile lands to the south. It lost the region in the recent war against Essis. The king recently died in Northal and the young prince has taken over, along his his ward Lady Sophia. Lady Sophia is regent of the land until the prince is old enough to rule. Northal works on a Monarchy.

Northal is suffering from a food shortage because of their loss of food source after the war. The harsh winters make it really hard to grow.

Northal relies on the on the Dwarves that live in it’s mountainous regions to provide them with gems, silver and mithril to trade with other regions. Because of this the old king demanded slave labor and encouraged the Dwarves to take on the ownership of slaves. 

Northal prides itself on it’s prowess for combat and smithing. The area was once home to ancient giants and dragons. Although no one worships the giants, the dragons are worshipped like gods. They also worship the other human deities, but prefer the dragons deities to the human ones. 

To the north is mostly snow and Orcs. To the south is costal a much more habitable living. Despite this the main population lives in the Northal Capitol, in the middle of snow.

New Andorin

Despite New Andorin being the newest region, it is actually the oldest. New Andorin won it’s Independence from Northal when it join as a rebellion during the Essis and Northal War.

The region of New Andorin was the birth place of Arisia after the breaking. It is where men started its place away from the rest of Elloria. It made it’s focus on the Human Pantheon as the only true religion and the only true source of magic. Because of this the region is heavily focus on divine. 

New Andorin once was abundant of farms and one of the few areas that house a great forest. The forest of Quel Doran is where the Wood Elves who first came to the region reside thanks to the first King of Andorin.

New Andorin still holds true to the Divine Right of rulership through a monarchy. The current King claimed himself as the rightful ruler after the end of the war. But currently it’s once fretile farms are struggling due to damage during the war. Also a darkness covers the area to the east where it’s two islands reside.

Despite it’s large capitol of Andorin City being old, it is struggling to manage it’s people with it’s new government.

In the past year magical darkness has taken the Andorin Islands to the east where the temple of Sol resides. On the islands evil Drow and other underdark creatures have been found roaming the islands. The magical darkness seems to slowly grow larger every passing month.


The Island of Ethad is a region that is technically ungoverned. There is only really one city as the rest of the island is wild and is filled with giant beasts eight times taller than the average human. These beasts are known as dinosaurs. Because of this Ethad is a place people go to for tourism, hunting and adventuring.  Arried is the capitol and only city outside of small villages full of aborigines.

Dwarves & Elves

The Dwarven cities and Elven Cities run as independent city states. Each city has their own governments and system of governing. 

The Dwarves mostly live in the Northalean Mountains and make their cities underground. Dwarves were always known as slavers thanks to their agreement with the Northal to produce gems, silver and mithril. The dwarves mostly enslaved elves and orcs in the nearby forest and mountains. That has recently changed due to the war between Northal and Essis. The western mountain ranged dwarves want to end slavery as the eastern dwarves want to keep their culture and economy going by keeping the slaves. This has caused a civil war between the set of city states.

The Elves live in the woods to the south of Northalean Mountains in the Quel Doran forest. They mostly have kept to themselves. The elves here are mostly wood elves who were invited to come over by the first king of Andorin due to their same worship of the goddess Sylvana.

The elves keep away from all the humans and fought for their freedom agains the dwarves. Because of this they magically hid their tree cities and only those with elven blood can see their cities.

The Relgions


Humans of Arisia (and Elloria) follow the new and old gods of the land. These are a mixture of Gods of old and the newly risen dieties of the War of Gods.

The New Gods

The war of Gods pitted dieties against each other ages ago creating a rift between the different pantheons. The old gods of different races were never the same. In that time many Gods died and the human emodiments who fought as their avatars rose to take thier place. Those dieties are:

  • God of Knowledge – Ogma
  • God of Life and Death – Shuva
  • God of Light – Sol
  • God of War – Senso
  • God of Trickery – Liera
  • God of Protection – Dorado
  • God of The Dead – Myrkul

When these deities left the material plane to ascend they left behind their belongings that were given to them. Sacred Rings showing they were champions of their deity and their sacred weapons and armor given to them from the deity. It is said they are hidden through out the land. But that is just myth and legend.

The Old Gods

The humans still worship the old gods that survived The War of The Gods. Those Deities are:

  • God of Creation and all Gods / God of Dragons – Io
  • God of Combat / Strength – Kord
  • God of Nature – Malor/Sylvana (also an elven deity)
  • Goddess of Night & Darkness – Shalim


The humans of Northal have always worshipped the dragons as their deities. They find that their strength brings power. You can see a dragon carvings in much of the artwork in Northal culture.

Rune Knights

It is believed that some humans can possess the same power as Giants like their strength or stone skin or the ability to cast magic with their giant ancient language. These people are called Rune Knights. It is a lost form of religion and little is known about them.

Dragon Priests

There are keepers of knowledge of the dragons known as dragon priests. Their job is to maintain the temples where dragons supposedly rest. But they also keep the knowledge safe and offer spiritual guidance to anyone who asks for it.

The Deities

There are main ancient dragons of the old that the Northaleans worship as their deities. Northaleans worship the metallic dragons over the chromatic dragons The list includes:

  • Platinum – Bahumut – Good & Life
  • Gold – Lareth – Vengeance & Light
  • Silver – Silverwing – Protection
  • Copper – Nymmuruh – Trickster
  • Bronze – Tyghal – War & Combat
  • Brass – Kauhlin – Knowledge
  • Iron – Protius – Death & Dead
  • Steel – Serene – Arts & Culture


Dragons are a creation of the Io, the god of creation. He is once said to be the original dragon. He created two types of dragons, chromatic and metallic. The chromatic dragons possessed traits of evil where the metallic possessed traits of good.

Dragons have thought to be extinct after their numbers had dwindled after the war between the gods. After “The Breaking”, where Arisia broke from the rest of the world, the dragons of Arisia went into hiding and slumbered. Other dragons were hunted and killed. The metallic dragon’s resting places are homes to the Dragon Priest where they protect the dragons stories and their physical bodies. 

In the past year the chromatic dragons have been awakening and causing havoc to the lands of Arisia. Northal is the only nation who has made a call to heroes to control the rampage of the dragons. 


Because of “The Breaking”, Arisia has forbidden arcane magic and only freely allow divine/nature magic. Regions like New Andorin center its whole system on divine magic, with a divine ruler and many clerics and priests. 

There is a policing body of human wizards known as The Cowled Wizards. There is goal is to make sure no arcane magic is being used or misused. They imprison violators in a hidden away prison that prevents magic users from casting. They have also gathered magic items and magic books that they deem might be dangerous.

Not all Arcane magic is banned. The Cowled Wizards have allow certain officials and certain factions / guilds to use arcane magic without consequences. They do this by handing out imprinted badges or tattoos.

There are very few enchanters who can do magical enchantments. Most of the trade has been lost. Those enchanters really only know how to do basic enchantments. Because of this there is a hidden black market for magical items and books. There is also a black market for people to forge imprinted badges. 

Xanadu’s School for Adventurers is the only place in Arisia where someone can learn arcane magic legally. Although it teaches other skills than magic, it does give temporary badges to students learning magic from the school. 



Arisia continent wide factions. They are groups who both work in secret and also work in the open.

The list

Enclave of RootsBalance of NatureNo Central HQ
Cowled WizardsOrder of Wizards looking to regulate magic on ArisiaCowled Wizards Tower (Unknown)
The OrderGroup of Hunters who hunt monsters and other un-natural beingsEssis City
The ClanA group of Dwarfs looking to rid slavery within dwarf culture and the rest of ArisiaSilver Shaft Mines
SantaraLargest thief and smuggling networkUnknown
Renewel FistMonastic Monks who’s goals are to bring balance to the worldRenewel Fist Monastary
Red GauntletMilitant order of Holy Fighters who use strength to push their “human only” idealsAndorin City
Standing OrderSpy Network looking to uncover corruptionNo Central HQ (Unknown)
EGCOrder of book collectors collecting secrets and knowledge of powerUnknown
The Dragon Priests OrderPriests looking to preserve the history and culture of dragonsBased on Dragon Burial Tombs
The Purple VeilOrder of nobles who used to live in Silver Shaft Mines who want to preserve dwarf culture and slaveryGlimmerstone