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Never played before? Not a problem. Perhaps you are experienced but do not have a DM? Perhaps you want something interesting and new for your evening.


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About Your Dungeon Master

Off in the distance you see middle aged man wearing a smile on his face. You wonder to yourself, does he know what is to come? His smile fades as he glares at you, his eyes fixed on yours. You can smell the tension in the air as the light seems to dim. His lips part slowly as his voice booms out, “Roll for initiative!”​

My name is Erick. I have played Dungeons & Dragons for almost 25 years now. If you ever told me that I could get paid to play Dungeons & Dragons I would have thought you were joking. But here I am today.

I have Dungeon Mastered  events, conventions and Adventure League helping people learn and understand Dungeons & Dragons for the first time. And for the advanced players, I have offered challenging and intriguing memorable stories.

I have traveled the world as a travel photographer connecting with people and telling their stories. Now it is time to create our own stories together. Let us sit down with a group of friends, roll some dice and tell a story together.

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Pricing Plans

Go with your right one



Per session



Per session

Team Building/Events




Per person/session



per person/session

Team Building/Events


* Locations locations over 30 mile drive will incur transportation fee
** Snacks & drinks available at on-location or locations allowing outside food and drink
† Minimum of 4 players
†† Minimum of 3 players
ª Requires a minimum amount of players
ªª Cost for 5 players $33 each, 6 players $30 each

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"We recently arranged a one shot game with Erick as the DM with a mix of veterans and beginners.He was a wonderful DM and was able to handle the varying skill levels of each party member to ensure the game went smoothly. Absolutely loved the effort he put into the story and the complexities involved with the puzzles and combat situations. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a DM!"

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